4-bedroom Villa, Lazio, Italy



Large, exclusive villa 1 hour from Rome in Lazio region for sale.

Imagine a large, classic villa on a parklike piece of land in the beautiful Italian countryside, with picturesque villages around on all hills. A place where absolutely everything both outside and inside is on care; where it’s ready to move in and live the good life in Italy. This dream can now become true. For 11 years, the owners have invested substantial resources, lots of love and concern in the construction of its beautiful property. Now everything is completed, and they have found that the time has come to find new owners who can enjoy what they have created.

Just outside the medieval town of Bassano in Teverina (only about 2 km away )lies this large property, with a great villa, lovely garden with pool and a park-like piece of land of approximately 12,000 m2. The villa is beautifully situated in a fertile agricultural area on the border between Lazio and Umbria, in a rolling landscape above the Tiber valley.  Here the distance is short between the picturesque villages, but at the same time in complete privacy and peaceful setting. There you can find everything from the local bakery and the butcher to good restaurants and pizzerias. You can easily walk or bike on the small local road into the village, or you can do as the current owner often does; takes his APE (the classic small 3-wheeler) to get fresh bread in the morning. One can hardly find a better location to experience all sides of Italy. Within 1 hour you can reach Rome in the south, the beaches at the Mediterranean in the west and the foothills of the Apennines in the east. In the valley below, both the A1 motorway and railway with fast trains from north to south in Italy is running. Famous medieval towns like Orvieto, Spoleto, Gubbio, Assisi, Perugia and many more are all less than 1 hour away.

A property with quality and soul
The big house is built on the site of a centuries old manor. Everything from foundation to chimney is however completely rebuilt, and the new structure was built in 1995. The villa is constructed in the most solid way. A small detail: it has a double foundation wall, with a space between the two walls of about 1 meter. This secures that there is never any problem with humidity in the entire basement. In addition, it is quite convenient that the owner has put up shelves for storing wine between the two walls. Perfect storage conditions – and a huge capacity! For all the construction only the best materials have been used, and all floors (also in the basement) has first class Italian tiles. Perhaps even more important is that they have managed to create a house which is working just as well for 2 as for 10 persons. With a living space of approximately 400 m2 this is not easy, but they have managed because they have designed rooms which are not too big. For celebrations and bigger parties they use the facilities in the basement.

The rooms
Top living quality in all 3 floors and there is air-conditioning where it is needed (in the bedrooms upstairs). In the basement there is a large kitchen with all the equipment (and even pizza-oven), and in the living room with fireplace 20 persons can be comfortably seated. In addition, there is a large garage and storage room for garden equipment and supplies. This area is also tiled and can easily be converted into party premises at major events.
The large kitchen (40 m2) is the heart of the 1st floor. Both the living room and the large covered terrace is directly adjacent. This is most convenient, since most meals are enjoyed outdoors large part of the year. This floor also contains 1 bedroom with bathroom. On the 2nd floor there are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. In addition, it is also a very nice terrace. It is a great to start the day with the morning coffee here and enjoy the view of the entire private property and beyond all the way to the Apennines with peaks of 3,000 m. The entire villa is beautifully furnished with only Italian furniture. A major part of them are made to order, and most of the furniture and interior will follow the property. This can be arranged according to the preferences of the new owner.

The property is constructed in order to be able to find small oases both to relax and enjoy many places. There are no long distances, but still divided in such a way that one can choose a favorite spot whether it is on one of the terraces, in the flower garden, by the large fish pond or poolside. There is the also a private house which is convenient both for storage of garden equipment and if desired as bathhouse. On the big property everything is green, here are beautiful plants and trees, and at the very end of the site there is a vegetable garden and a small private farm with a separate farm building. Today’s owner has daily trips down here to greet his donkeys and all the other animals. For sure he has hired help both for the farm and for keeping the gardens. It will of course be up to the new owner if this will be continued or not. Large parts of the garden has an automatic irrigation. This, combined with the property boasts 3 private wells, makes it possible to keep everything green and beautiful all year round.

Additional Information

  • Pozemek
    12 000 m2




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